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Rental Process

Are you starting a remodeling project? Then you sometimes find that you need something temporarily. This could be a trailer for transporting goods, risers for painting the outside of your house or a shovel for digging up your garden. We like to hear what job you have to do, so we can give appropriate advice on the product needed. Together we will ensure a good match.

Once we have determined what you need, we will set a date for rental. What happens on the agreed date? There are two possibilities: you choose to pick up the rented product yourself or we have it delivered to your home or business. You can pick up your rental machine Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., on Saturdays until 4:30 p.m.. There are additional charges for the delivery of your rental machine. These rates can be found under the heading rental costs.

The same goes for returning your rented product. You have the option of returning it yourself, but of course we are also happy to pick it up for you! We expect the machine to be in the same condition as delivered.


Our rental range includes:

• Trailers
• Aerial platforms
• Earthmoving equipment
• Hand Tools
• Agricultural machinery

Would you like to make temporary use of one of our machines? Contact us so you can get your job done as soon as possible!

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Want to rent a boom lift, excavator or shovel? There are two options for getting this machine home:

1. Delivery
Up to 10km from Boerhaar 9:
Delivery <3500kg: €55,- excluding VAT
Delivery >3500kg: €75,- excluding VAT

Up to 20km from Boerhaar 9:
Delivery <3500kg: €75,- excluding VAT
Delivery >3500kg: €95,- excluding VAT

From 20km price on request.

2. Trailer / pickup
Of course, it is also possible to pick up the machine yourself with our own transport. Do you not have a suitable trailer for this? Then it is also possible to rent it for €25,- excluding VAT per day or €65,- excluding VAT per week. A BE driving license is required for this.

Rental costs

Je vraagt je vast af hoe duur het is om iets te huren bij Van Gurp. The cost is made up of the following components:

Machine Cost
Machine costs can vary greatly: a drill is somewhat different from a shovel. The rates are transparent on each product page (link offer page). A breakdown is given here between renting for half a day, full day, week or month.

Delivery & pickup
We are happy to deliver and pick up your rented product. The costs associated with this is shown under the heading ‘transport’.

Fuel costs
Some of the products we rent run on fuel. When you rent a fuel machine, we expect it to be returned filled. Of course, we can also do this for you but this means that this cost will be added to the bill.

Cleaning costs
All rental machines must be returned clean! Depending on the condition in which the rented product is returned, cleaning fees may be charged. Exactly how much this is depends on how long we spend cleaning.

Quarter hour = 18,75 ex
Half hour = 37,50 ex
Hour = 75 ex

Any damage made to the rented item will be charged.
Payment is made afterwards so that you only pay for what you have used. We treat every customer and situation unique!

Insurance and inspections

At van Gurp, all rental machines are inspected annually. This ensures that you are working with safe equipment! In addition, van Gurp does not use complicated surcharges for damage and risk. However, you as the renter are liable for damage and theft, all of which can be read in our rental terms and conditions:

Rental conditions