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Purchase Process

“Good afternoon, this is Van Gurp speaking. What can I help with?” It all starts with the first phone call with Chiel or René. In this phone call, we are often told that our customer is looking for a machine. We offer a listening ear and like to hear what you are looking for. Need a machine for narrow spaces? Looking for a wheel loader that can lift a load of stones? Everyone has their own wishes and needs; it is our job to find the right solution for them. Together we will ensure a good match.

We would like to invite you to visit us on location. Here you can see all the machines in stock and get an impression of the family business. Do you have something in mind? While enjoying a nice cup of coffee, we will show you the functions and accessories. Of course we also give you the opportunity to make a test drive. Would you rather see something different? Modifications on machines are possible, our mechanics will make a customized machine for you.

Upon agreement to the proposal, we proceed to delivery. After all, you want nothing more than to have your purchase at home or at work as soon as possible. How do we do this? Read “transport and service. We do all this with a smile. Machines are our passion – Chiel and René love to share this passion.

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Import and export

We do not look within country borders: a machine can be shipped worldwide. We have several years of experience with this. For example, we have exported machines to the United States, Iceland, Spain, England and Denmark. We notice that more and more of our customers have a need for this and therefore do everything we can to make exporting as easy as possible for you.

How does it work? As a foreign company, you benefit from international shipping. Machines sold within an EU country pay 0% extra VAT if they have a VAT number available. After the pro-forma is paid, an invoice is sent and the transport can start. With this we send all necessary documents such as user manuals, registration papers, CE papers and EPA certificates (U.S.).

Of course, it is also possible for us to import machines from foreign customers. Would you like to do this? Sell your construction machine to us!

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Transportation and service

We understand that it is not easy to arrange transportation yourself. That is why we are happy to take this off your hands. Depending on the final destination, transport is done by truck and/or boat. Do we export a machine to you? Then we guarantee that the machine is firmly secured. To inform you of this, we will send you photos for confirmation before shipment. It is also possible to transport the machine yourself. We have a loading bay available for trucks with closed trailers.

Besides the actual transport by truck or boat, we also arrange the administration. For example, Van Gurp makes sure that the machines are ‘cleared through customs’ (reporting goods upon entering the country). Curious about the costs? Depending on your situation, we can give you an instant price for transport from A to B by telephone or e-mail (link contact page).

Maintenance and modifications

Nothing is more annoying than a broken machine. Van Gurp comes to the rescue by repairing on location. Our mechanics drive for you in their service van throughout the Netherlands. So you can rely on us when unexpected problems arise.

Besides sporadic repairs, you can also come to Van Gurp for periodic maintenance. Every year we check the oil, examine the machine and repair where necessary. Of course we can also do this more often than once a year, we adapt to your wishes!

As mentioned before, modifications on machines are also possible. Do you want an extra hydraulic function, extra drawbar or different connection for your soil bucket? We can take care of that! Besides modifications, you can also expand your construction machine. Think of extra lighting, installing a radio or other tires.

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Sell your construction machine

It also sometimes happens that Van Gurp buys construction equipment from customers. We have good experiences with this and are therefore very curious about your proposal! Leave some information about your offer and contact details and we will contact you immediately.

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